Secure your child’s future through LIC child policy

Yes, u heard right!!

Child policy… plan your child’s future expenditure like a pro!

Ever wondered why it is important to prepare for your child’s future? Why do you need to save before expenses? How it will help you later?

These are some basic questions which we will answer through this blog.

According to your future requirements, insurance policies will help you plan your savings. The child policy is one such instrument which helps you to plan the expenditure for your children’s education in advance. With extra perk, this policy can also be used to insulate children’s education from any mishap or permanent disability or death of the guardian.

At the time of requirement of large fund for the education of your children just fix the term of policy in such a fashion that you get the maturity amount as per the estimated expenditure.

For eg suppose your child is of 5 years of age, and you want to have a lump sum amount for his college education, which normally starts at the age of 18. Therefore you should buy a policy for 13 years. But you need to calculate the amount you will need for higher education as well.

There are a number of schemes in this where a parent can opt any, one as per the need.

Now the question is when you should plan for your child’s future?

As we all know children are the lifeline of every parent. And every parent wants to do the best and in order to achieve that they go out of the way.

And for best investment and to secure future every parent starts worrying from the early stage and we believe it is a good sign but mere worrying won’t help alone. An individual should have right planning and well-defined thought process for their child’s future.

Right from education to marriage and risk coverage everything should be well planned and secured.
Few questions and constant fear which hit the mind of every parent.

1- can I afford to send my child to college?
2- what will be the cost of studies?
3- what happens in absence of guardian or parent?
4- when should I start planning?
5- what if the savings is not enough?

These are a few questions which compel you to think about securing your child’s future and here we bring the best 7 tips to plan your child’s future.

Foremost rule money needs to be compounded to multiply wealth over a period of time if you have not yet started saving-

if you wish to generate a corpus for your child’s education 16 years from now, you should not rely on FD, but switch to favorable child’s policy which offers higher growth rate in the range as per market conditions. Which help you in long term.

Keep your child insured- the idea for child policy sounds good the best way for investing and securing your child’s future and by doing this you will accumulate enough corpus. And as we all know life is uncertain and have lot many complications thus you should add an insurance plan to your child’s portfolio.

While planning check factors of inflation- every investor or parent while planning should always take into account inflation rate while future financial planning.

Save aggressively and opt for a premium waiver plan- start an early investment which turns out fruitful at time of maturity as it makes sense to invest in high risk, high return funds that have potential to outperform other asset classes aptly, albeit at the cost of a higher risk factor.

Always appoint a nominee- death is an inevitable truth of life. Hence it is very important to choose a nominee on whom you can rely to benefit your family. A reliable person who would be responsible for getting the claim amount until the child turns into an adult.

In your portfolio always opt for a partial withdrawal plan-

Knock knock!! An emergency is here!! Yes, its true emergencies can knock your door anytime. Thus it’s better if an individual keeps himself prepared from coming emergencies.

Review your plans at regular intervals-

Checking and reviewing is must as it will help you a lot as investors generally tend to start a plan and leave it on auto mode without any notice. Thus it is important for you to check and track your investment and review performance on regular intervals.


It’s a true fact that every parent wishes best for their child and in order to achieve best they are compelled to opt for future saving and planning for their kids.

Once the child is born, parents start investing and securing their child’s future. And at the center of these investments lie, the thought of providing world-class benefits and education.

If you have queries with respect to planning your child’s financial future feel free to call us anytime.

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